Research and Engineering Center INCOMSYSTEM was established based on NPO Neftepromavtomatika in 1991, which had been the head company of the USSR Ministry of Instrument-Making, Automation Facilities and Control Systems (Minpribor) in the field of oil&gas industry automation. Having retained the research potential and close ties with leading design institutions, our company is one of the largest system integrators of the Russian

Federation and a strategic partner for oil & gas and petrochemical companies.

Today the company operates in 5 interrelated areas:

  • Automated Control Systems
  • Measuring Systems and Packaged Equipment
  • Analytic Systems
  • SW/HW Complexes ABAK
  • Metrology and Services

Initially, our core activity was focused on computer-aided process control systems (CAPCS). As the company advanced, our competences developed and one more area of activities developed, which has become one of the company's core activities: Metering systems for the quantities of oil, gas, gas condensate, petroleum products, and other material flows.

Most of the quantity metering systems developed by REC INCOMSYSTEM also included the quality control systems for the products transported. Creating the so-called quality assurance units (MCUs) at the initial stages, our specialists have gained experience, while the team of our analytical systems department expanded and became able to solve more complex problems related to analytical equipment. This is how our division was founded that develops and implements analytic systems.

While searching for import-substituting solutions, we developed our in-house platform to meter flow rates and physical/chemical properties, as well as our in-house software solutions. Developing this area, we at REC INCOMSYSTEM created our in-house measuring and computing system: MCS ABAK+. It was followed by the programmable logic controller, ABAK PLC. This is now an independent division focusing on the development of software and hardware complexes.

To solve the problems relating to power generation in the far north or arctic conditions, as well as on sites where it is impossible or unreasonable to lay power transmission lines, the engineering center's professionals developed a standalone monitored telemetry system facility (SMTSF) based on renewable energy sources. SMTSF applications: Gas/oil/gas-condensate wells and clusters, as well as gas/oil/condensate/product pipelines.

Developing new materials became one of the most promising and technologically advanced activities. As part of the studies conducted, we found new techniques based on CVD processes to be used in petrochemistry. Our unique innovative solution and the pride of our professional team are nanobarrier coatings, incomsteel®100 and incomsteel®2000, that allow enhancing the accuracy of measurements and equipment service life and reducing operating costs. The solutions are protected by patents in Russia, Germany, France, and other countries. They also comply with industry-specific GOSTs and Gazprom's corporate standards.

An integral part of our company's activities is the provision of services in the area of metrological support, service and maintenance of automation systems, measurement systems, and analytical equipment manufactured by REC INCOMSYSTEM and by other manufacturers. Since 2007, the Metrological Service of our Research and Engineering Center has been accredited to calibrate instrumentation and constantly advances its capacities in this area.

REC INCOMSYSTEM's integrated management system was certified based on MS ISO 9001:2015 within the RS certification system and the International Certification Network IQNet. Our environment management system is certified for compliance with ISO 14001. Our occupational health and safety management system is certified for compliance with ISO 45001.


Today, our company's most valuable resource, our staff, includes about 600 people. Our company employs highly qualified professionals from various areas: Automated data acquisition and processing systems, microelectronics, programming, petrochemistry, physical chemistry, metrology, mechanical engineering, drives, radio electronics, high-voltage equipment, industrial construction, etc. All this allows us to solve the most complex technical problems for both fuel and energy companies and related industries. Specialists of our Center participate in developing public standards and measuring methods and are members of ROSSTANDART Technical Committees (TC052, TC024). Professionalism and competencies of REC INCOMSYSTEM's employees are confirmed by the required licenses and certificates.

Company Structure

Our Research and Engineering Center includes:

  • 3 differently focused engineering departments;
  • Metrological Service with in-house reference equipment and several laboratories;
  • Design Department with 100% simulations of all projects in 3D format;
  • Manufacturing laboratory of electronic components and automated assembly line for electronic circuit boards;
  • Plant for the manufacture of automated metering systems and packaged equipment;
  • In-house X-ray laboratory for non-destructive testing of welds;
  • Workshop for assembling control cabinets and racks;
  • Proof ground for development and debugging of application software;
  • Analytic laboratory equipped with necessary control gages, calibration gas mixtures, and equipment;
  • Advanced Development Department with a testing ground;
  • Departments focusing on commissioning, assembling and installing, or construction;
  • Customer service; and
  • Department of Information Technology, Communications, and Information Security.

Implementation Geography

The geography of REC INCOMSYSTEM's implementations covers the entire Russian Federation, GUS countries, and European countries. Over the long history of REC INCOMSYSTEM, more than 400 metering systems for oil, gas, gas condensate, etc., including marine projects, and over 600 automation systems have been launched.

Scientific Research

Our company's top experts hold academic titles and, along with implementing their current projects, conduct research activities.

The following scientific studies have been successfully completed:

  • Research and development of an algorithm for simulating the behavior of Newtonian fluid
  • Research and mathematical simulation of high-velocity gas flow behavior
  • Studies aimed at measuring the mercury contents in natural gas
  • Studies on using PVD processes to apply special coatings onto metals
  • Studies on using CVD processes to apply special coatings onto metals
  • R&D project titled "Prover": Mechanical Displacement Prover
  • R&D project titled "Lubricator": Petroleum Oil Sampler
  • R&D: High-Pressure Sampling System
  • R&D: ABAK portable
  • R&D: ABAK PLC - Programmable logic controller
  • R&D project titled "Inert Coating": A coating made of amorphous silicon on the surface of a stainless steel substrate under patent No. 2606690
  • R&D: Thermogenerator

World-class techniques tested and put into production:

  • Surface passivation device for long-length pipes under induction heating (Utility Model Patent 165122 dated May 5, 2016).
  • A method for obtaining an amorphous silicon-based coating on the inner substrate surface (Utility Model Patent 260669 dated July 13, 2018; German Patent No. 20 2017 002 004, Munich dated May 9, 2017; and French Patent No. 3050999 dated May 9, 2017)